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With thousands of assisted living facilities across the US, choosing the right one can be daunting. Many sources recommend beginning the assessment process 6 to 12 months before your loved one is ready to move. You’ll need to invest time to assess each senior care facility completely to ensure it is the right long term fit. It may take several visits before you make your final decision. You hope you will find the following check list helpful when assessing whether a facility is the right choice for you and your loved one.


  • With the help of professionals such as your doctor, nurses, elder attorney, social worker or friends, determine what type of elder care is needed. Locate organizations that specialize in the type of care you and your loved one will need. If medical attention is needed because of recent surgery, you may need a facility providing sub-acute care.
  • If dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease or Memory Care is the issue, then an assisted living home like Golden Orchard may be more appropriate.
  • Choose a place that will provide information and support for everyone.


  • The facility must be licensed by the Department of Health.
  • Find out which assisted living facilities are in your community and located near you.
  • When visiting the building, evaluate whether the design provides the safety and comfort principles needed by your loved one.
  • If security is an issue, observe if the facility’s security policies and procedures safely protect its residents.
  • Is the emergency call system available to the resident at all times or only in the bathroom or near the bedroom?
  • Is the environment sanitary and safe from physical harm?
  • Is the facility quiet and serene, or noisy and lack privacy for the residents?
  • Does it feel spacious or cramped?
  • Does it provide a home-like atmosphere or does it feel more like a hospital, nursing home or some other type of large institutional facility?
  • Can the residents share rooms?
  • Is there emergency back-up power immediately available should there be an outage?
  • Is there an emergency plan in place to protect the safety of the residents?
  • Golden Orchard is all of the aove.

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  • One of the most important aspects for your loved one is the need for direct personal care provided by the facility.
  • Meet and talk with caregivers.
  • Determine the resident-to-staff ratio.
  • Does the resident have some control over the environment or will there be a schedule that accommodates the institution and its staff?
  • Does the facility provide additional training for the staff to promote quality care and understanding of the dementia resident?
  • Are the residents clean and well groomed?
  • Are there any noticeable odors?
  • Do the caregivers have a positive attitude towards the elderly?
  • Are the caregivers compassionate and caring?

Social and recreational activities

  • Does the staff have time to socialize with the residents?
  • Do the residents interact with each other?
  • Does the facility provide indoor and outdoor activities?
  • Are activities related to physical and mental exercises which maintain or restore each resident’s level of optimal functioning?
  • Are the residents shown respect?
  • Observe how meals are prepared and served; ask to look at the daily menus.
  • Are snacks available upon request?
  • Can the residents get their own snacks?


  • Find out exactly what your money buys.
  • Get a list of additional services and the charges for them.
  • Find out what is included in your monthly payment.
  • Is there a copy of the Resident’s Rights posted?
  • Find out how medications are stored and distributed.
  • Is there a certified visiting nurse? How often does he or she come to the facility?
  • The staff should be certified to administer medications.
  • Review a copy of the resident’s admission agreement.
  • Find out what health conditions would require a discharge from the facility.

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